Make an app in two minutes.


This tutorial assumes you have already downloaded X-Code and are using a Apple Macbook. If you have not, the tutorial may take slightly longer. To download X-Code, simply go to the app store and download it.


Ok, to start I only have 2 minutes so I'll skip the introduction a bit. Please make sure you already have X-Code downloaded, if not please get it from the app store.

Lets start, open up X-Code and check it out, upon opening X-Code you will see a screen like below, click "Create new project".

Now we should get a popup that looks like below, make sure the iOS tab is selected up the top and select single view application.

Now we get a screen which asks for some information as pictured below. Where it says "Product Name" put a name for your project, where it says "Organisation Name", put your name, this usually represents who is making the app. You don't really need to worry about "Organisation Identifier" right now, you can just use com.example . Finally make sure that the language is swift.

Click next and save it somewhere. Hopefully that was pretty quick. On the left hand side, there will be a bunch of files, click the one called Main.storyboard, it should open up and you should see a blank canvas.

I could finish here and just tell you to lanuch the app in the simulator, but we will put a label on first. Go down to the bottom right corner of the screen and search label in the search bar. Drag it onto the canvas and edit the text.

Now lets run the app by pressing the run icon up in the top left hand corner. It should look like a play button. Now X-Code should run the simulator with your app! You have made your first app, hopefully in under two minutes.

This is a very basic app that does nothing and doesn't yet run on your phone. To get the app on your phone you have to do some configeration of X-Code which just can't be done in two minutes. The app would work perfectly on your phone but getting it on there could be a pain. I will soon post a tutorial about how to get your app onto your device. Hopefully you managed to do it in under two minutes!

Last Updated: 6/3/2018, Created 6/3/2018

X-Code V 9.2
Swift 4
Tutorial Version 1